Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and extraordinarily well seated Year of the Pig!

We use modern upholstery methods & materials in all our Rye&Moor furniture, however did you know that Traditional Upholstery methods used animal hair as stuffing; horse hair was favoured, but expensive and so often substituted with Pig Hair - which is used to this day on traditional pieces.

Here at R&M Towers we sometimes work with Private Clients and Interior Designers to reupholster loved and traditional pieces in our exclusive R&M Fabrics to complement purchases from our Collection. We have re-sprung, re-stuffed (in pig hair and sometimes coconut hair too!) re-stitched and re-covered Mid-Century beauties, Edwardian chaise to Victorian love seats - all of them now fit to to last for the next Year of the Pig 2031 and beyond!

Alex Stone