Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Always an inspiration, always ahead of the curve, always the unexpected, from the walls and floors, to the exhibits, visitors and people, we simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the V&A. And here are just a few reasons why ….

In 1913 militant suffragettes threatened to vandalise collections in public museums and galleries. The V&A considered banning women visitors, but instead decided to protect the collections by increasing visitor numbers. Entrance charges were dropped to help achieve this.

The V&A was the first museum in the world to collect photographs as art, beginning in 1856.

An annual pantomime has been staged by V&A staff every Christmas since 1981, giving a satirical view of the year's events at the V&A.

AND… The V&A owns some of Elton John's spectaclesAdam Ant's stage costume, and Mick Jagger's jump suit. We’re thinking that would make ‘quite’ the outfit.

Alex Stone