Pac-man - Launching a Business - Spot the Difference #1

Pac-man - the gameplay involves the titular character in an enclosed maze filled with individual dots, or pellets. The goal is to consume all of the pellets while avoiding four multi-colored "ghosts" that wander around the maze. As the levels progress, the ghosts progressively become more aggressive, changing their behaviour and patterns. If a ghost touches Pac-Man, he loses a life, which can be regained at certain point values. The maze also contains four large "power pellets", which gives the player temporary invulnerability, allowing them to consume the ghosts to earn more points. Throughout the game, fruits also appear in the centre of the maze, which can be consumed to earn more points.

Launching a Business - exactly as the above but with better graphic design; and coffee instead of power pellets.

#designermakers #independentbusiness #shopindie #powerpellets

Alex Stone